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Betin Kenya is one of the top betting websites in Kenya. They came into the market early and appealed to people who were looking for more advanced ways to bet. Where other sites were only offering three-way betting(1×2), they came and offered several different ways to bet. They were also the ones who pioneered live betting in Kenya, which was their biggest selling point when they entered the market.

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Getting started with Betin is easy, it takes only minutes to sign up. You can do so either on the website, or by SMSing “Join” to 29456. Unfortunately, you can only deposit using MPESA. . Withdrawing funds also takes some time after you click ‘Withdraw.’ It is not immediate.

Live betting

The best thing about Betin is their live betting service. They were the first ones to have such a thing in Kenya, and it works well. The odds change in real-time as the game is going on. You have to make sure you place your bets early before the momentum of the game shifts, otherwise you’ll get bad odds. Also, Betin freezes the placing of bets if something extraordinary happens in the game, for example a penalty. After the extraordinary event passes, live betting resumes as normal, but with vastly different odds.

Virtual betting

Betin are also unique in that they were the first ones in the market to offer virtual betting. Virtual betting is where you bet on a computer simulation. The advantage is that the simulation is usually done in a few minutes and therefore you can get your returns quickly. This is unlike betting on a real life game where you have to wait anxiously for over an hour to know the result. Virtual betting is also available at Betin’s physical outlets spread throughout Kenya. A small warning though: this form of betting is very addictive.

Virtual casino

Betin were also the first to offer a virtual casino, though the uptake is not that high. I feel as though if they were to offer games tailor made to the Kenyan market, like the popular card games in Kenya, then people would play them more.

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